'Happily' gives me so many feels 😩

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Q: What are some of your favorite fitness/health blogs? I need to follow more of them. X

Hiii! I like…

🍎 freefitty
🍎 skinnylovessummer
🍎 mindy-fit
🍎 that-fit-girl
🍎 summerjourneys

Enjoy! :)
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Intake 8/27

-Apple with peanut butter
-Lean Cuisine pizza
-Grilled chicken
-Lite Caesar salad
-A handful of crackers

Not my best day is terms of food choices. While my calorie intake might have been relatively low, I would have been happier had I chosen real food over a microwaved meal :( But it’s okay! Tomorrow is a new day!

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Q: I'm so glad to see a fitness blog with someone running it who isn't already tiny! It makes it so much more realistic and helpful for us who are on the same journey. Thank you sooooo much for posting about your progress, you're keeping my head on my shoulders! I was expecting so much more weight loss, but seeing someone else have ups and downs really does help.

I’m so glad!! That’s all I’m trying to be for you guys: relatable!!! :)

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